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Hyperion Coffee Co – Erick Bravo Finca El Chaferote

Roaster: Hyperion Coffee Co., Ypsilanti, MI

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed/Special Prep

It’s not often that you see hops as a cupping note in coffee, and it’s even less frequent that you see a specific hop variety listed, but Hyperion boldly claims Mosaic Hops—one of my favorite varietals—as a tasting note on the label. Fans of craft beer will likely gravitate toward this bag as India Pale Ale lovers everywhere recognize Mosaic for its vibrant tropical fruit and dark berry notes, an attribute which captivates the palates of coffee drinkers and hop heads alike. As a bartender at a craft beer brewery by trade, knowing hops and being able to distinguish between them (and there’s a lot) is part of my job, and I have to wholly agree with their claims. 

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