Author: Nick

Cleveland Coffee Part 1: Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Hingetown

Roaster: Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Coffee: Marta Rubi

Origin: Tolima Colombia

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Flavor and Aroma Notes: Aromas of orange candy, Fruity pebbles, strawberry rhubarb. Flavor notes of peach tea, tropical fruit punch.

When I’m planning to travel I always seek out local coffee roasters and record stores. I keep a list on my phone so I’m not sitting on the side of the road pleading with Siri to direct me toward coffee only to have her suggest the nearest Starbucks. In Cleveland, Ohio there is no shortage of coffee spots, and many of them are highly acclaimed. It’s hard to make a choice based on Google reviews, so I reached out to the hive mind of my favorite coffee group on Facebook, a 2,100+ member Chemex-focused group whose members span the globe. Phoenix Coffee and Rising Star Coffee Roasters came up most frequently and received the most enthusiastic praise, so I set my course.

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MáQUINA Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Bombe

Roastery: MáQUINA Coffee Roasters⁣
Origin: Ethiopia Bombe
Process: Washed
Brew method: V60, Chemex, Aeropress

I had never heard of Pennsylvania’s MáQUINA Coffee Roasters until last week, but after trying this Ethiopia Bombe, they’re a permanent blip on my coffee radar. This is a huge, juicy coffee with tons of floral and tropical notes and a medium body and mouthfeel. It fares well in every brewer I’ve tried it in so far, from V60 to Chemex to Aeropress, and even tastes great iced. I’m stoked to try more of what MáQUINA has to offer. ⁣