Author: Jared

All about the Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex is a beautiful coffee maker. It is crafted in a single piece of specialized glass that imparts no foreign flavors into your favorite cup of brew, and it is wrapped in a wood sleeve secured with a leather tie. The chemex has been made in this elegant, minimalist way since it was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm.1

But none of that is very important. What is important is that it makes amazing tasting coffee. The sweet sloping angles of the carafe combined with the patented double bonded CHEMEX® filters makes a clean cup of coffee that is perfect for highlighting coffee’s delicate, fleeting flavor notes and for filtering out its bitter notes.

Pro tip: We recommend going for the bleached paper filters as the unbleached ones can impart paper flavors into your coffee even with moderate pre-rinsing.

Stay Golden – Holiday Blend

I had some orders get hung up in transit and arrive late, but this Deck The Halls holiday blend from Stay Golden is still cheerful and bright. Everything I’ve had from @staygoldencoffeeco has been excellent, and this cozy blend is no exception!⁣

P.S. Pic 2- When Holiday coffee arrives after the holidays, we do what we can for those great pics, i.e. my discarded Christmas tree awaiting disposal in the driveway.

Onyx Coffee Lab- Ethiopia Worka

Here’s another one from the past Summer that I neglected to post. This incredible Ethiopia Worka from @OnyxCoffeeLab was perfectly balanced and beautiful. I liked it best in the Chemex, but it also made an amazing shaken iced coffee, highlighting the acidity and brightness. The packaging is on another level, too—the simple but elegant bag was hiding in this textured, embossed box that is begging to be filled with trinkets and keepsakes. Onyx is one of the best roasters in the US (and probably world)—if you haven’t ordered from them yet, it’s time to remedy that— I just ordered more. ⁣